Official Website fo Malakai Schindel
Dynamic Visual and Performing Artist
Specializing in Murals, Graphics and Music

Malakai has worked as a professional muralist since 1996 and has completed and installed numerous large murals. He works with schools, public agencies, youth groups and does private commissions. He has the ability to dynamically coordinate students, teachers, and volunteers to complete large mural projects.

Malakai is also a musical performer. He sings and plays the silver flute, pan pipes, didgeridoo, guitar and hammer dulcimer.

He is active in the theater and has performed with the Willits Shakespeare Company, the Bohemian Players of Ukiah, California, the World Peace Clowns (a global organization) as well as being in the Chautauqua Circus (a travelling collective).


Malakai Schindel - Silver flute

Malakai performing with Schindig